About Me

Hi there, my name’s Jack and I’m the CEO of Lang4Life, a language solutions provider as well as a co-founder in Bravo a Culture and Business training agency. My personal expertise is in Business Language and Cultural Training.
With regards to my background, my first taste of teaching was 10 years ago when I travelled to Australia to be a surfing instructor as the age of 18. After that, I returned to the UK to embark on my studies of Politics and Spanish. Through learning Spanish, I found many fun and interesting ways to help myself remember some of the more complicated grammar and language structures and ultimately tested these theories on my friends. After a year, I set up as a Spanish tutor, teaching anyone in the UK who wanted to learn the language.
After catching the teaching bug, I was luck enough to be offered a job teaching English in Portugal where I had an opportunity to teach English as a foreign language. I then travelled to Spain, Romania and finally Poland where I have been settled for 4 years. Upon arriving, I set up as a freelance teacher and over the past 4 years, this has grown into Lang4Life, a language school with over 32 teachers, covering 8 different languages and 5 translators/proofreaders.
The experience I have acquired over the years has taught me how to operate on international markets and understand the value of intercultural differences. On top of my teaching experience, I have also worked in a full range of industries from pig farming to private property investment. Off the back of the expertise acquired, I have recently co-founded a new company called Bravo which is focused on providing business and cultural training services to companies based in Poland and operating on the international market.
In my spare time, I enjoy extreme sports, charity work and spending time with my dogs. In addition to this, I love all things musical and social. My life motto is that shame is not manifested in failing, but in never trying – if you want something in life, you need to work hard for it and enjoy the journey rather than focus on the goal.